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Car Rental for Couples Travel in Uganda – Price, Cost and Guide

Car rental for couples Travel in Uganda gives you a better experience and memorable moments with your loved one. Are you a couple and you are looking forward to exploring Uganda’s beautiful landscapes? You are now making the right decision by renting a car from us. We have got a variety of cars to select from at cheaper prices. Whether you are on a honey moon and you are planning have a city tour around Kampala or embark on Uganda Safaris, We are here at your service.

Car Rental for Couples Travel in Uganda

Renting a car is the best option for traveling couples as it gives you a lot of privacy instead of using public transport. Car rental for couples Travel in Uganda gives you a chance to travel on your own pace. Get yourself a well maintained car for rent when you are planning to travel with your partner to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya at unbeatable rates.

Benefits for car rental for couples travel in Uganda


Since you a couple, you need a lot of privacy. Car rental Uganda for couples travel saves you from the stressful public transportation and relying on tour operators’ schedules. With a rental car, you can even decide to design your own itinerary hence increasing on your sense of adventure and discovery.

Cost effectiveness

Car rental for couples travel in Uganda eliminates the need to hire multiple taxis or pay for expensive guided tours. With a rental car, couples can save money on transportation costs and allocate their budget towards other aspects of their trip, such as accommodation or activities.

Assured security

Since you have control over your own transportations, you will feel more secure compared to sitting in public vehicle with a lot of total strangers. It becomes even more secure when you decide to rent a car for self drive as you will be in charge of ensuring a safe drive to your destinations.

Freedom and flexibility

Car rental for couples travel in Uganda helps couples to easily visit remote destinations in the country and off-the-beaten-path attractions hence allowing them to have a more authentic and personalized travel experience.

Tips for couples travel in Uganda

Make digital copies of your useful documents

Digital copies will help you replace you documents in case you lose them during your trip in Uganda.

Avoid driving in the night

Since you are not well versed with the country’s roads and destinations, you are advised to only driver during day to avoid getting lost and bumping into high way robbers.

Keep your loved ones updated

Always inform your loved ones back home about you travel with you partner such that in case of any problem encountered during you road trip in Uganda, they can easily locate exactly where they last heard from you.

Follow guidelines

While traveling in Uganda, the most crucial thing is to follow guidelines in different destinations. For example in the country’s National park, there are safety guidelines you have to follow such as not getting to close to the animals, not crossing boundaries and many more.

Use Google maps

Since you are not well versed with the road networks in the country, you are advised to use location finders to avoid getting lost.

Avoid flashing cash in public

As it is not guaranteed that there are no scammers in Uganda, you are advised not to hold big amounts of cash in public as it may attract thieves to follow you up and take it.

Move with cash but not in big amounts

While traveling in Uganda, it is more likely that you will need to buy various things alongside the roads and streets. So you are advised to move with some cash although it should not be big amounts. You can use the money to give out tips and pay for small services offered as Ugandan people prefer cash to online transactions.

Best cars available for Car rental for couples travel in Uganda

We have got a fleet of cars that will fit all sizes of pockets from luxury, mid-range to budget travelers. Among our cars available for car rental for couples travel in Uganda are; Land cruiser TX/TZ (4X4 mid-range), Land cruiser V8 (Luxury), Land cruiser GX manual (Luxury), Land cruiser Hardtop, Toyota Rav4 (budget) and saloon car (most affordable).

How much is car rental for couples travel in Uganda?

The cost of renting a car for couples travel in Uganda varies according to the type of car you would like to rent. We have a variety of cars at different rates to choose from according to your budget. For the luxury travelers, we have got you the best cars that will give you a comfortable ride with your loved one. Luxury cars such as Land cruiser Hardtop at only $140 per day with a driver, Land cruiser V8/VX and Land cruiser GX manual at only $80 per day for self drive and $100 per day with a driver.

For the mid-range travelers, you should check out our Land cruiser TX/TZ at only $70 per day for self drive and $90 per day with a driver. We have got a Toyota Rav4 for our budget travelers at only $40 per day for self drive and $60 per day with a driver/ guide.

How to rent a car for couples travel in Uganda.

Are you looking for the easiest way to reach us and rent a car from us? Well the process is so convenient and quick as all you have to do is visit our contact page, fill the form relevantly and submit. Within a short period of time, our experts will get back to you and inform you about available cars according to your inquiry. You can also choose to directly call or WhatsApp us on +256704538374

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