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Car Rental with Popup Roof in Uganda – 4×4 Cars with open roof hire, Price and Rental Guide

Explore the real “Pearl of Africa” as described by Winston Churchill in his book with our reliable and best car rental with pop up roof in Uganda. There’s so much you can discover while on your trip in Uganda and this includes rare wildlife species like mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, tree climbing lions, golden monkeys, different cultures, foods, beautiful scenic views and so much more. And to see these, you will need a reliable car rental Uganda vehicle to get you to the various destinations where they are found.

Whether it’s a self drive Uganda or car rental with a driver in Uganda, Our car rental with popup roof in Uganda is the popular and best choice among travelers who plan to go for a game drive in some of the savannah parks to see so much that they do have within their boundaries.

Our fleet of car rental with popup roof in Uganda is regularly maintained and serviced to make sure to make sure you get that much desired on and off road hassle free experience. Our cars that come with a popup roof in Uganda include a Land Cruiser TX/TZ, land cruiser V8, Land Cruiser GX, Safari van and more. All these come with everything you need while on a road trip from a modern entertainment system, first aid kit, air conditioner, comfortable leather and non-leather seats and so much more to make your trip more rewarding.

Car Rental with Popup Roof in Uganda

On top of that, these are full time 4WD cars implying that they are strong enough to conquer the different rugged terrains in different parts of the country.

With our car rental with popup roof in Uganda, you will be assured of enough headroom that enables you to stand, sit on top and have a close look at the different wildlife species that include lions, hyenas, buffaloes, elephants, several antelope species and more as they roam in the national parks, enjoy picturesque views and so much. It’s at this point while on top of car that you can as well capture that award winning wildlife photography that you can share with the world.

Count on us, if you are looking for a reliable and perfect car rental with popup roof in Uganda as we have a fleet that will definitely work for you and present to you the real African experience.

How much is car rental with popup roof in Uganda?

We have so far the best offers on car rental with pop up roof in Uganda. However, these are determined by a few factors that do include the type of car rental with popup roof in Uganda you would like to hire, the number of days and number of people as well.

If you are opting for long-term car rental Uganda, be rest assured that we will definitely reward you with a discount hence reducing on the cost you would have paid on car rental. For individuals coming in a group of more than 4 people, you will have to rent a land cruiser V8, safari Land Cruiser, Safari van or a Land Cruiser GX that can take up more than 4 people and still provide comfort for everyone. These cars priced higher compared to a Toyota Land Cruiser TX.

  • Land Cruiser TX with popup roof hire in Uganda – $70 per day
  • Land Cruiser V8 with pop up roof hire in Uganda – $90 per day
  • Safari land cruiser with pop up roof hire in Uganda – $180 per day
  • Safari van with pop up roof hire in Uganda – $95 per day
  • Land Cruiser GX with pop up roof hire in Uganda – $95 per day

These prices come with unlimited mileage meaning that we don’t limit you on when and where you need to stop while driving our vehicle. We give you the freedom to fully discover and explore Uganda at your own pace. When you rent from us, you get free road side assistance in case of a break down while on your trip. We have no hidden charges because we know how frustrating it is realizing that you have to pay another sum of money. What we give you before you rent the car is final.

Best time to rent a car with a popup roof in Uganda?

You can visit Uganda anytime of the year and still get that rewarding experience you have always looked for. But to have the very best experience, you will need to visit the country during the dry season of the year which takes between the months of June to September and December to February. It’s during this time that most tracks and roads in different parts of the country are dry and less slippery since there receive less or no rainfall at all enabling you get to your destination and carry out an activity of your choice without delay or interruption.

During the wet season of the year that takes place during the months of March to May and October to early December, most parts of Uganda receive a lot of rainfall which might hinder your itinerary and also during this time, most roads are slippery thus you will need a strong 4×4 rental car to go through these with ease.

The beauty about traveling and renting a car during this season, is that you get to have a great discount on car rental and with a number of accommodation options always offering huge discounts.

Regardless of the season you choose to visit Uganda, we give you the assurance that you will definitely have the best memorable and rewarding experience while in the pearl of Africa.

Is it worth it renting a car with popup roof in Uganda?

If you really need a real African safari experience while in the savannah, car rental with popup roof in Uganda is the best choice you will definitely need to consider. This ensures that you get to have a 360° view of the different scenic points, wildlife species and so much more.

Car rental Uganda is considered to also be the cheapest way you can easily get to your desired destination since it will lead you where public transport won’t take you. This enables you uncover Uganda’s hidden gems on either a self drive or guided tours.

What do I need to rent a car in Uganda?

To rent a car in Uganda, you will simply have to provide us with a valid copy of your driving license, a valid copy of your passport for identity purposes and upon receiving that, our team of customer care will briefly take you through the booking process. You will also ensure that before you hire a car from us, you have held your permit for more than 2 years to give us the assurance that in deed you know how to drive.

Are you looking for a reliable car rental with rooftop tent in Uganda at best, cheap prices? Fill our booking form with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can alternatively talk to us directly on +256 704538374 and we will make sure we give you the response as soon as possible.

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