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Land cruiser Extended (7 seater) – Hire, Self Drive Cost and Guide

Land cruiser extended (7 seater) also known as Safari land cruiser is a strong station wagon with a powerful engine that helps it to carry heavy loads. This vehicle’s high performance makes it the most ideal car for a Uganda safari and this is why it won the name Safari Land cruiser. The land cruiser extended (7 seaters) is known to be the most rugged and reliable vehicle for handling the toughest road conditions.

Our land cruiser extended (7 seater) comes with popup roof which gives you the best view of wildlife during game drives. For those who would love to record documentaries or take nice photos, this land cruiser will work for you better than any other car in Uganda. Do you want to travel with your family or its friends you want to have a wildlife safaris in Uganda with? Land cruiser extended (7 seater) will give you a very comfortable journey.

Land cruiser Extended

Features of Toyota land cruiser Extended (7 seater)

  • Model: Toyota land cruiser Extended
  • Engine type: 4.5L 1VD-FTV turbo (V8).
  • Engine Capacity: 4500cc
  •  Fuel capacity: 130 Liters
  • Fuel type:  Diesel
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Seating capacity: 7 passengers
  • Fuel consumption: 10.7 liters per 100 kilometers
  • No of doors: 5
  • Four wheel drive
  • CD/MP3 Player + Bluetooth
  • Popup roof
  • Two spare tires
  • Raised suspension
  • Offered with a driver/guide

Benefits of renting a land cruiser extended (7 seaters)

More seating capacity

This safari land cruiser enough seating capacity for families even if big. It can manage to seat 7 passengers which makes it ideal for family travels or even traveling with friends. All its seats have seat belts and are extremely comfortable giving the travelers a worry free journey.

Powerful engine

Land cruiser extended (7 seater) has a very powerful engine with about 4500cc that helps it carry heavy loads and handle poor road conditions.

 Robust build

This spacious land cruiser was given a very strong and hard body with a high ground clearance that helps it navigate through the rough terrains.

 Ample cargo space

Fuel efficiency of Toyota land cruiser extended (7 seater)

The Land cruiser extended has an impressive fuel efficiency with a big tank that can take you for long distances. With its advancement and extension, this vehicle offers excellent fuel economy. Whether you are planning for a long drive road trip or just having a tour around the city, Land cruiser Extended will give you the best experience.

Suitability of Land cruiser Extended (7 seater) for Uganda’s terrains

With its powerful engine, Land cruiser Extended will manage to handle all kinds of road conditions. This vehicle can navigate through Uganda’s National parks with no disturbance of the terrains and potholes.

Its robust design gives it the audacity to manage harsh terrains without getting any mechanical breakdowns.

The four wheel drive system is another requirement for its high functionality especially when it comes to winning Uganda’s terrains.

How much does it cost to rent a land cruiser extended?

Given its high functionality and more seating capacity compared to other ideal safari vehicles, you will find that renting a land cruiser extended is so cheap. We give out this special safari vehicle with a driver at only $180 per day.

How to hire a land cruiser extended in Uganda?

Are you interested in renting this unique land cruiser that is perfect for a Uganda Safari and you thinking of how to do it? Here is the quickest way to book one from us.  You just have to visit our contact us page, fill in the form relevantly and submit. Within a short period of time, our car rental experts will get back to you with the best deals.

You can also choose to directly call/ WhatsApp us on +256704538374 or email us on

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