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Road Rules in Uganda

Road Rules in Uganda

A Guide to Road Rules in Uganda for Safe and Lawful Driving:

Road rules in Uganda are designed majorly to ensure safety and smooth movement of all road users. Driving is by far great pleasure but when you bump into traffic that is when you will realize the most challenging part of it the fact that traffic on roads usually comprises road users; pedestrians, cyclists, cattle, cars, buses to mention but a few.

The road rules cover both the laws and informal rules which have been designed over time to aid orderly and efficient flow of traffic.

They are a must to observe while you are on Uganda self-drive or guided safari because breaking any of them may result in injuries.

Below are some of the set road rules to follow in Uganda;

  1. A valid driver license is a must-have tool if you are to drive any kind of motor car in Uganda. Prior to setting off, ask yourself if you have a valid driving license. A valid driving license gets you a chance to explore Uganda for a period of about 90 days and it expires, you can secure a Ugandan driving license. In case, your driving license is not in English, you are required to have proof of notarized translation. The other alternative is for you to secure an international driving permit prior embarking on an actual trip in Uganda.
  2. To drive in Uganda, you should be 18 years and above. This is a minimum age for one to drive in Uganda and in case you plan to rent a car for a road trip, you should be between 25 and 70 years although this may depend on the terms and conditions for car rental in a particular car hire agency. Besides, your driving license should be valid for at least 2 years.
  3. Do not drive while on the phone because this can result in road accidents. Such behavior can distract you from focusing on your drive and you can be taken by surprise when you get off the road.
  4. All motorcyclists should be on protective helmets. Passengers too should be on helmet although some people do not like the whole idea.
  5. All passengers and drivers should be on their seat belts. Putting on seat belts is never a crime but doing so saves lives. Before setting off, make sure you are all on your seat belts.
  6. Don’t drive when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Usually, the accepted blood alcohol level should be 0.08%. This is to help reduce cases or risks of road accidents.
  7. Driving speed limit on the highway in Uganda is 100kms/h and when you get off from built up places, it is 80kms/h and urban centers should be 50kms/h.
  8. In case of any need for help, please contact 999 (police phone number).
  9. Driving in Uganda is on the left hand and if you are not familiar with this please, rent a car and driver.
  10. It is mandatory to have 3rd party insurance.

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