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Uganda Car Rental Tips; Guide, When to Book, Cost & Driving Tips

Car rental tips Uganda with 4×4 drive Uganda are worth looking at if you have any plans to embark on a road trip in Uganda.

Our car hire tips consist of useful information that will guide you when making a decision on a car to hire in Uganda the fact that public means of transportation seems not to be the best and reliable.

Car Rental Tips

Car hire is a perfect way for you to get around Uganda as it allows you to enjoy total freedom and privacy.

Below are some of the essential car rental tips;

Decide on the car type to use.

When hiring a car in Uganda, you need to put into consideration not only the number of people but also the luggage you and the rest have. Road trips in Uganda are more about exploring various destinations and that is why you need a good and comfortable car rental.

The car you choose should accommodative both for you and your cargo. Depending on your travel needs, we have a wide range of cars for hire in Uganda and they include 4×4 Jeep-Toyota Prado with an open roofLand Cruisers with rooftop tents, Rav4 cars, super customs, safari vans, coaster buses to mention but a few.

Book your car early enough.

Once you have chosen your preferred car, please reserve it as early as possible. By doing so, it allows you to be certain of its availability and also to enjoy good prices. For overseas visitors, you can book your dream car the same time you book your flights and please confirm your car hire booking prior to taking a flight.

Booking your car rental in advance has its own advantages; first, you have adequate to get the best car hire deal and updates especially on discounts offered among others.

Research on the prices.

The fact that every car rental agency has its set rates for car rentals, it is always important that you research more on the set rates for car hire. This will help you make a comparison and find out which car rental company or agency offers the best rates and better services.

Personal belongings.

While on vacation, it is usually very easy to leave behind small items especially phones, keys, wallets, cards and many others. To avoid this, we advise our clients to always crosscheck their cars before they drop off. You can as well have a small checklist of your items and each time you leave the area say the airport, hotel or car agency office, you check thoroughly.

Driving in Uganda.

When driving in Uganda, you have to keep left and in case you find this challenging, it is advisable that you rent a car and driver-guide. You should be considerate to other road users, observe all road signs and avoid driving at night.

Age limit for car rental Uganda.

Prior to hiring a car in Uganda, make sure that you get to know which age bracket do car agencies rent cars to. Usually, most car rental companies in Uganda hire cars to persons above 25-70 years.

Get to know the mileage limits in Uganda car rental.

Most visitors rent a car without inquiring if the car is on unlimited mileage or not. For starters or repeat travelers, you are advised to read thoroughly about the mileage terms prior to confirming your car reservation. When choosing which car rental agency to deal with one that rents cars with unlimited mileage.

Automatic/manual transmission.

Most car rentals in Uganda come in automatic and manual transmission. Usually, manual car rentals can be hired at pocket-friendly rates, unlike automatic ones. In case you have an automatic transmission license then please check the kind of transmission prior making any reservations.

Rent a 4×4 car in case you plan to go off-road.

With our 4×4 car rentals, you do not need to worry about how you will go about Uganda’s steep landscapes. They are well-maintained, serviced and capable of tackling any kind of terrain regardless of your dream destination in Uganda.

Most safari destinations in Uganda are found in the remote areas, for example, Kidepo Valley National Park in the extreme northeast and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park in Kabale, Kisoro in southwestern Uganda; Murchison Falls National Park in northwestern Uganda and others.

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