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Self Drive Uganda Tips and Guide – Advice to Self Drive Trips 2023:

Self drive Uganda tips are basically guidelines any visitors intending to embark on self-drive tour should observe. Self-drive safaris in Uganda have become famous and it is of no doubt that most car hire agencies are today cropping up day after day especially in urban centers like Kampala, Entebbe, Kabale, Jinja, and Mbarara.

However, it is important to note that a road trip in a new destination usually comes with so many challenges and you have to be very keen while on your road trip.

To safeguard yourself from such cases, take a look at some of our self drive Uganda tips and you will get the best of your ultimate road trip.

Self Drive Uganda Tips

Check your self-drive car thoroughly;

Before you think of starting your self-drive car rental, it is a good idea that you check thoroughly the car you intend to embark on a road trip. Do not assume and let the shining color, not convenience that all is well with the car you are to use.

Check the tyres and see if they have pressure or is it in better shape/condition. For starters and long trips, make sure that the car rental for your self-drive trip has spare tyre or two. Other things to cross-check include the lights, level of water, oil, wiper blades, and many others.

Speed limit.

The speed limit is 0ne significant tip self-drive travelers need to put into consideration. You will come across so many speed restrictions and all these are intended to limit cases of road accidents which is normally as a result of over speeding. You, therefore, advised being very keen on the speed limit signs while on your road trip.

Do not drive at night.

Driving at night can be very risky the fact that most streets do not have lights. Try to get to your dream destination as early as you can. Driving at night is not only risky but also it is not easy for you to get help in case of a car breakdown.

Make the best use of road maps or GPS.

Embarking on a self-drive trip is more of adventure experience. A self-drive tour in Uganda involves you discovering new destinations or tourist sites and higher chances are that you may get lost.

To avoid such cases, do not forget to come along the Global Positioning System (GPS) to assist you to trace the right direction.

Our self-drive car rentals come with GPS, road maps at lesser or no additional charge. Other materials to come along on self-drive tour include guidebooks and preferably Brandt.

Traffic police.

While on the road trip, you will come across traffic police officers but do not get scared because they are mandated to ensure proper road use and guide road users appropriately.

In case you need help, do not hesitate to make request some assistance and as well, do not shout in case you are stopped by traffic police. Do not be tempted to give a bribe in case you are stopped because of over speeding since this is for your own safety.

Always keep left.

When driving in Uganda, always keep left. For first time travelers who may not be comfortable with this kind of arrangement, you are advised to rent a car and driver. We can find you a professional driver-guide to take you through your self-drive trip to any dream destination.

Always make regular stopovers.

Driving throughout is not good and it is always advisable that you make a stop for you to have a rest, stretch and also fuel your car. Remember when you get to wilderness areas, there is no fuel station and that is why you shouldn’t bypass urban centers without refilling your tank.

Do not drive when you are tired.

In case of fatigue, please park aside and have some rest or if you have a colleague who knows how to drive, he or she can take over while you have some rest. However, she or he should have a valid driver’s license.

Know the weather patterns.

Uganda experiences two significant seasons; the dry and wet season, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The dry season occurs from June-September and December-February and it is characterized by low rainfall.

Unlike the wet season which comes with heavy rainfall and the ground at times becomes muddy depending on the destination. The wet or rainy season in Uganda usually occurs from March-May and October-November.

Take note of park rules and regulations.

As you get into the national park, you are advised to be very keen. There is a number of restrictions you have to follow and in case you break any, you may incur a charge.

In case animals are crossing, please stop and let them pass then you cross but make sure that they have all crossed. Driving speed at the park should be observed and normally you are advised to drive slowly.

Mobile network coverage.

When you get to some parts of Uganda, you will realize the network problem. In case you have a satellite phone, you can come along with it.

Consider other road users.

While on a road trip, you won’t be alone-expect to meet Boda Bodas, cattle, goats, cyclists, students and many others.

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