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4×4 Car Rentals in Uganda – What to Know, Price, When to book, self drive and hire guide

4X4 Car rentals in Uganda is the best option to explore the country’s landscapes with a lot of ease and more so on your pace. Once you opt to rent a 4×4 car in Uganda, your trip to the country becomes so secure that you are only required to come and have the best experience while exploring country. With 4×4 car rentals in Uganda, you will obviously have a very rewarding trip full of adventure.

We give you a variety of well-maintained and serviced 4×4 car rentals in Uganda. Our vehicles are the best ideal for navigating the country’s diverse terrain, including national parks remote areas. With this Uganda car rental option of ours, visitors can explore Uganda’s natural beauty and wildlife at their own pace. Whether you’re planning a safari, business trip or a road trip, having a 4×4 car rental in Uganda will give you maximum freedom and flexibility to experience the country’s beautiful and stunning landscapes.

4x4 Car Rentals in Uganda

Requirements needed for 4×4 car rentals in Uganda

In case you are interested in having a 4×4 car rental, you are required to meet various requirements in order for us to trust you with our car. These requirements include;

You should send copies of your valid Passport/VISA or even your national identification card before going any further with rental procedures. This is to ensure security of our vehicle.

You should be aged between 23 and 75 years old. This implies that you should have at least a driving experience of 3 years and not so old to manage the poor road conditions in Uganda.

In case of self drive 4×4 car rental in Uganda, you must present a valid international driver’s license or a national driving permit to prove to us that you are an authorized driver.

Make a deposit of at least 40% of the total amount when booking to confirm to us that you are serious about renting a car from us.

Benefits of 4×4 car rentals in Uganda

Flexible rental periods

With our 4×4 car rentals in Uganda, you are very free to extend your rental period in case you still want to enjoy the car’s high functionality.

Excellent customer service

Once you rent a 4×4 car from us, we give you an assurance of a worry free trip with our car since we have agents in all parts of the country. These agents will help you in case of any malfunction of the car during your journey.

Wide range of vehicles

We have a variety of 4×4 vehicles for you to choose from according to your budget.

Unlimited mileage

Our 4×4 cars are very well maintained and services and can navigate to all parts of the country and even cross borders without any disturbances.

High Performance

Having a four wheel drive system, our cars are able to challenge all kinds of terrains in Uganda. The can navigate to Uganda’s national parks and other remote areas of the country with ease.

Affordable rates

We give you the best 4×4 car rentals in Uganda deals at the most affordable and friendly rates compared to the functionality of our cars.

Best 4×4 Car Rentals in Uganda Adds On

4×4 Car rental with a driver

Renting a car with a drive/guide is ranked the best rewarding option of exploring Uganda. Car rental with a driver in Uganda is not that much expensive yet it gives you the best memorable experience since the driver almost knows every part of the country. Our driver will not only drive you through the country’s destinations but he will also brief you about the Ugandan culture. With a driver on your trip, you will never get lost or fail to reach your destination in time since he knows the best routes to use.

4×4 self drive car rentals

4×4 self drive car rentals give you a convenient and versatile transportation option in case you are looking to explore off-road destinations on your pace. These cars have a rugged design and powerful engines that give them the capability of tackling various terrains. Are you planning to have a weekend getaway or embarking on an adventurous road trip? Renting a 4×4 self drive car will give you the freedom and flexibility to go wherever your wanderlust takes you.

4×4 car rental with camping gear

Among our 4×4 car rentals in Uganda adds on, we have 4×4 car rental with camping gear. This means the car comes with either a rooftop tent or a ground tent and other camping gears that you will use during your camping period. These camping gears include; cooking gas, utensils, mattresses, sleeping bags, camping chairs and table.

How much is 4×4 car rentals in Uganda?

The cost of 4×4 car rentals in Uganda varies depending on the type of car you would like to rent, the specifications of the car and the rental duration. Renting a 4×4 car in Uganda ranges from as low as $40 per day for a self drive up to $180 per day.

How to rent a 4×4 car in Uganda?

Have you read through our 4×4 car rentals in Uganda and you got interested in renting one of our most affordable 4×4 cars? With a single click at our contact page, fill in the form relevantly and submit. In a short period of time, our experts will get back to you with the best deals available. You can also decide to inbox us on WhatsApp, call us directly on +256704538374 or write to us via

Frequently asked questions about 4×4 car rentals in Uganda

How much is car rental in Uganda?

Car rental in Uganda differs according to the type of car, specifications, rental duration and season you want the car. During the peak season, car rental is more costly compared to the low season. In case you have rented the car for more than 15 days, you are more likely to get a discount from us. Car rental in Uganda ranges from $35 per day to $200.

How much is self drive in Uganda?

Renting a car for self drive in Uganda is a very affordable and rewarding Uganda car rental option. In fact self drive car rental is the most affordable option as you won’t pay for the driver charges. Self drive in Uganda ranges from $45 per day and will not exceed $100 per day.

What is the best car to rent for 4 people?

Land cruiser TX/TZ is the most affordable car that can fit 4 people and still have space for their luggage. However, if you want a more spacious and luxurious journey, you will then have to opt for Land cruiser V8/VX with much more space.

What side of the road do you drive on in Uganda?

In Uganda, you have to drive on the left side of the road and in case you have to give anyone space to   overtake, you will give them space on your right side.

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