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Long Term Car Rental Uganda; Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly: Price Discount and Guide

Are you interested in renting a car in Uganda on a short or long term basis? Talk to our team and hire any type of car for your travel needs in Uganda.

You do not need to worry when you take our cars on a long term self-drive plan or with a driver because we always make sure that you get all the support on the road.


We have our agents in all parts of Uganda ready to help you while on your trip.

For short term car rental Uganda plans, we are the best company to use. Our cars are well maintained to give you the best experience while on the road.

Long Term Car Rental Uganda

Benefits for Long-term car rental in Uganda


Compared to short term car rental, long term car rental in Uganda is more affordable since it comes with big discounts. This makes long term car rental an ideal choice for individuals who require a vehicle for several weeks or months. Long term car rental in Uganda eliminates the need for upfront payments, allowing individuals to budget their expenses accordingly.

Hassle-free experience

When you opt for long-term car rental in Uganda, we take care of the maintenance and servicing of the vehicles giving you a stress free experience during your rental duration. With a well-maintained and reliable vehicle at your disposal, you can confidently navigate the roads and explore the diverse landscapes of Uganda.

Excellent customer service

From the moment you rent a car from us for long time, we make sure you get the best experience with our car. Whether you are to use the car with in the city or go to different parts of the country, we have agents in almost every corner of Uganda and these agents will be at your service in case of any break down during your rental period.

Flexibility of rental periods

When you rent a car from us for Long term car rental in Uganda, you have every right to extend your duration in case you still want to enjoy the functionality of our car. There is no extra charge for making extensions. All you have to do is to inform us in time and make payments so that we can arrange for other bookings.

Tips for long-term car rental in Uganda

Choose a 4×4 car

A 4×4 vehicle will give you the best experience as it can easily navigate through all kinds of road conditions. With a 4×4 car you can explore the national parks of Uganda regardless of the poor road networks.

Book in advance and Pay at least 30%

You need to book the car in advance to secure the rental rates before they increase. This is also done to avoid stress full moments when looking for a rental car at the last hour which may even lead to paying extra charges.

Hire a driver

For long-term car rental in Uganda, it is very advisable that you rent a car with a driver who knows Ugandan roads better and can take you through the easiest routes. Hiring a driver will save you from having stressful journeys when you have to drive through the tight traffic jam.

Master the road rules

In case you want to self drive, mind to read and understand the rules and regulations that govern the Ugandan roads.  This will help you know when and where to take over while driving, where to park the car and the speed limits.

Ask for a spare tire and kit 

When booking for a car for long-term car rental in Uganda, mind to ask for a spare tire and kit and when receiving the car check for it. This will help you in case of a flat tire during your rental period.

Best cars available for long term car rental in Uganda

We have got a wide range of cars that can fit all sizes of pockets. Among the best cars you can rent for long term are; land cruiser hardtop (Luxury 4×4), Land cruiser V8/VX (Luxury 4×4), Land cruiser GX (Luxury)manual, Land cruiser TX/TZ(mid-range), Toyota Rav4 (4×4 fuel efficient) and saloon cars.

How much is long-term car rental in Uganda?

The cost of renting a car for long term in Uganda differs according to the type of car rented, the rental period and the extras requested such as camping gear, baby seats, fridge and many more. Renting a land cruiser Hardtop will only cost you $140 per day with a driver, Land cruiser V8/VX and Land cruiser GX manual at $80 per day for self drive and $100 with a driver, Land cruiser Prado TX/TZ at $70 per day for self drive and $90 with a driver, Toyota Rav4 at $40 per day for self drive and $60 with a driver, Saloon car at $35 per day.

Note: Expect discounts when you rent the car for more than 15 days.

How to rent a car for long term in Uganda

Interested in renting a car for long term from us and you are looking for hoe to do it? Very simple as you just have to visit our contact us page, fill in the required fields respectively and then submit. Within a short period of time, our experts will write back to you and inform you about availability. Another way is to directly call, WhatsApp us on +256704538374 or email on

Therefore, go on and rent a car in Uganda for a long period or short period of time with 4×4 Drive Uganda.

Rent a Car for Long Term;

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